Fees and Payment

Traffic Tickets

In many situations Attorney John O'Neal can appear in court for you thereby saving you the time and inconvenience of missing work, school, etc.

The fee for your case will depend on the number and nature of your charges AND if you have tickets in more than one county.

Tickets for speeding 25 mph or more over the speed limit, careless/reckless driving, multiple offenses of DWLR (driving while license revoked) or NOL (no operators license), speeding in a school zone, or any case with a FTA (failure to appear) or OFA (order for arrest) can be more difficult to resolve favorably and thus could require a higher than usual fee.

Finally you should note that the fee charged by the O'Neal Law Office is for the attorney fee only and does NOT include any potential court costs or fines.  You will pay court costs and fines directly to the clerk of court and the O'Neal Law Office will advise you of payment details at the end of your case.

Contact Attorney John O'Neal for a quote of the fee for representation on your traffic ticket(s).


Civil Cases

The below fees do NOT include case expenses such as filing fees, postage, medical records copy fees, document copy costs, depositions, etc.

Personal Injury/slip & fall/trip & fall/premises liability

25% contingent fee if case is settled without lawsuit; 33 1/3 % contingent fee if case is settled or resolved after lawsuit is filed

Wrongful death

33 1/3% contingent fee if case is settled without lawsuit; 40% contingent fee if case is settled or resolved after lawsuit is filed

Consultation fee

$100.00 for meeting of up to 90 minutes at O'Neal Law Office

Unemployment appeals hearing

$400.00 fee for in-person or telephone hearing; covers hearing only and does NOT cover appeal from hearing decision

For all other civil cases not listed above please contact Attorney John O'Neal to discuss and determine a fee.

If the client hires Attorney John O'Neal for representation or legal services, the consultation fee can be applied toward the fee for representation/services.

NOTE:  Depending on the nature of the case and the amount of the fee, a payment plan may be available.


Consumer Law (Ex:  Auto fraud, vehicle issues, unfair/harassing debt collection, warranty issues, lemon law)

These cases usually are charged on two distinct bases: prelitigation (all work up to the point a lawsuit will be filed or is filed) and litigation (preparation and filing on lawsuit and all work up to the point of a trial or final case decision/judgment).  Prelitigation work is usually charged on a flat fee basis and, depending on the type of case and amount of the fee payments may be available.  Litigation work can be charged on a flat fee basis, contingency fee (percentage of the amount recovered), or a combination of the two.  For the fee arrangement applicable to your case contact Attorney John O'Neal to discuss.


Credit card/debit card:

To use credit/debit cards such as Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover click here.  If you provide a valid e-mail address, your payment receipt will be e-mailed to you.

Check or money order:  Make payable to "O'Neal Law Office"

Cash:  Contact Attorney John O'Neal for details