NCDMV Financial Responsibility driver license suspensions

In North Carolina the law requires all drivers to have current, valid liability insurance on their vehicles.  If a driver is involved in a vehicle accident in North Carolina and the driver lacks liability insurance, the driver faces a possible suspension of his/her drivers license.  This can be a huge deal.

The driver will receive a letter in the mail from North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles Financial Responsibility Section stating the date of the accident and a monetary deposit amount that can be paid to DMV so the driver's license will not be suspended.  If the driver is unwilling or uanble to pay the monetary deposit to DMV the letter provides alternative methods to prevent a license suspension. But what about the situation where the driver who lacked liability insurance was not at fault for the accident?  Fortunately the law allows the driver the right to a hearing and some due process to prevent a license suspension.  However, this procedure is a bit convaluted and can be difficult to navigate.  It is best to consult legal counsel if you find yourself in this situation.

For a consultation about whether and how you may be able to fight the potential suspension of your driver's license by the NCDMV contact the O'Neal Law Office today.  If you find yourself in this situation do not delay consulting an attorney as there are time limits relating to your right to appeal and the potential suspension of your drivers license.