Professional Negligence / Malpractice

Lawyers, doctors, architects, surveyors, contractors and other professionals are hired to perform services and sometimes they make mistakes or errors in judgment that can result in losses for their clients. A mistake or error, however, does not automatically mean that malpractice has occurred. As professional negligence and malpractice cases can present some very technical issues, stethoscope the appropriate expert(s) should review your situation and provide an opinion as to whether the professional’s conduct fell below the appropriate standard of care.

Although the law typically allows you to pursue your own professional negligence case, given the complexities in the law and the amount of proof required to substantiate your case, you may be best advised to seek legal counsel. John O'Neal has handled professional negligence cases involving real estate transactions and providers of other professional services. If you believe a professional has made a mistake or error that has harmed you, contact the O’Neal Law Office .

Here are a few client results obtained by Attorney John O'Neal:

Civil Litigation---Misrepresentation---Legal Malpractice---Real Estate Closing

Man purchased a home and his closing attorney misrepresented the extent of the real estate he was purchasing. After unsuccessful efforts to negotiate a settlement with the closing attorney, a lawsuit was filed against the attorney. The case was settled at a court-ordered mediated settlement conference.

Civil Litigation---Negligent Misrepresentation---Bank---E-Bay

A businessman received misinformation from his local bank and relied on this misinformation when deciding to have the bank transfer his money to an E-Bay seller for a consumer purchase. The E-Bay seller kept the man's money and failed to provide the consumer good the businessman purchased. The bank sought to avoid responsibility but the case was settled shortly after a lawsuit for negligent misrepresentation was filed against the bank.

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