Vehicle Title Loans for North Carolina Residents

Sometimes you need money...not a ton of money; but some money nonetheless.  The bank or credit union is not an option and you don't want to go to friends or family.  And you either cannot or do not want to tap into savings or securities (if you have these).  You only need the money for a short period of time and hope you can pay it back soon thereafter hear an ad on the radio or you see a commercial on the television or online for money available quick, fast, and in a hurry with limited (or no) credit check or hassle.  Title loan to the rescue!  Or is it?

Some of the title loan companies have locations in Virginia and/or South Carolina and North Carolina residents cross the border to sign on for the loan and get the money.  Many other title loan companies are online.  These title loan companies include the following:



Platinum Lending Ltd.

American Auto Title Loan

Carolina CashFast

Carolina Title Loans Inc. pick the title loan company and you sign on the dotted line or e-sign online.  You receive your money hoping you can pay it back and avoid the high interest rate and fees that you see.  And, too often, when repayment time comes you are unable to do so which means you incur a larger debt.  And what if you cannot make the next payment either?  How do you get out of this cycle?  Can you get out of this cycle?  And can and will the title lender take your vehicle if you do not pay? What do you do??

To get the help and answers you need you should contact an experienced consumer law attorney.  There may be valuable rights and defenses you have regarding your title loan debt.  Contact us and let us help you get the help you need.