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Repossession Contact Form

Thank you for contacting the O’Neal Law Office about your legal matter. Please fax (336.510.7965) or email ([email protected]) your documents and recordings (audio, video, pictures) for review and also complete the below form. The documents you should provide include:

  • All purchase documents including Bill of Sale a/k/a Buyer’s Order a/k/a Purchase Agreement, retail installment sales contract a/k/a finance contract
  • Receipts or proof of all vehicle payments made by you
  • Security agreement (typically gives seller and/or lender the right to repossess vehicle if breach of contract occurs)
  • All certificates of repossession
  • Correspondence or notices from seller or lender regarding potential deficiencies, payment problems, or breach of contract by you
  • Documentation of seller or lender’s usage of a GPS tracking and/or shutdown device on the vehicle
  • All other letters, documents, and information related to the repossession

Your information will be reviewed and you will be contacted.