Has Your License Been Suspended?

A driver’s license is a privilege, not a right.  Many things can lead to a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license—unpaid tickets, failing to appear, pleading guilty to certain traffic offenses, etc.  Your license can even be suspended for non-payment of a judgment or having an accident in an uninsured motor vehicle.  

DMV license suspensions for failing to have vehicle insurance at the time of an accident or collision can be especially thorny to navigate on one’s own.  It may involve having to negotiate with an insurance company, a debt collector, and/or a lawyer just to work out a financial settlement so you can regain your driver license privilege.  You need to carefully scrutinize the monetary amounts claimed and determine if some adjustment or negotiation is warranted.  Do you have the time and knowledge to handle this effectively? 

If your license is suspended it can have a huge effect on your ability to travel, work, go to school, and otherwise handle your daily activities.  If your license is suspended you should contact the O’Neal Law Office to discuss your situation and determine if you need professional assistance.