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Leading the firm is attorney John O’Neal. For nearly 24 years, John has been providing clients throughout North Carolina with experienced representation. He takes the time to speak with his clients and listen to their needs, enabling him to tailor his services to suit each client and case. He strives to meet the motto of “personal attention, professional results.”


Experience In A Variety Of Practice Areas

Attorney O’Neal represents clients involved in personal injury cases where they have suffered a physical, emotional or financial injury. John helps his clients understand their right to obtain compensation for the losses they have suffered. This includes:

  • Protecting the rights of persons who have been injured in car accidents, truck collisions and other vehicle wrecks
  • Handling cases of those who have sustained a serious injury in a slip and fall, trip and fall, or other premises liability incident
  • Serving the family and/or estate of a victim of wrongful death
  • Defending the rights of persons who have suffered damages to their reputations or businesses due to slander or defamation or malicious prosecution/abuse of process

Regardless of the situation, the O’Neal Law Office will provide you counsel and fight every step of the way.


Consumer Law; What Is It?

Retailers and other businesses selling goods and services have a duty to consumers to disclose possible defects or other issues with the purchase that may have a negative effect on customers. Attorney John O’Neal handles or assists clients with issues, including:

We are all consumers and have certain rights and obligations attach to the transactions in which we enter every day. As a customer, you have valuable legal rights that deserve to be enforced.

Civil Cases And Litigation; How We Can Help

Civil cases can include a wide variety of legal situations. Some of the civil cases and matters handled by attorney John O’Neal include:

  • Handling litigation against businesses-small and large
  • Civil litigation in civil courts across North Carolina – such as small claims, district, Superior; state and federal (Eastern District, Middle District and Western District)
  • Investigating and providing representation for claims of professional (NOT medical) negligence/malpractice
  • Representing individuals dealing with contractual issues and other civil matters

You deserve proper representation, and our firm is here to help you put your best foot forward. You can rest assured that your best interests are our top priority.

Traffic Violations And How To Fight Them

Attorney John O’Neal also provides experienced representation for clients receiving traffic tickets in counties across the state. He covers tickets for speeding, reckless driving, expired registration, expired license, driving while license revoked, traffic accidents without insurance and much more. Do not risk handling your case on your own and making an expensive mistake.

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