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Legal Quiz

Legal Quiz—What Do You Know?

By John O’Neal – O'Neal Law Office

Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge about various aspects of the law:

1. North Carolina law allows you to cancel your purchase of a vehicle within 3 days of the purchase date.


2. Paying any amount of money on an unpaid account prevents a creditor from pursuing collections or legal action against you.


3. It is cheaper to just pay a traffic ticket than to hire an attorney to handle the ticket.


4. The losing party is automatically required to pay the attorneys’ fees of the prevailing party.


5. All building contractors in NC must have a license.


6. Wrongful termination automatically entitles a workers to receive unemployment benefits.



  • 1. False. Few contracts formed in North Carolina are subject to the required three-day “cooling off” period. Assume all deals are final unless stated otherwise in writing. Buyer beware before you buy.
  • 2. False. If you fail to make the contractually required payments, a creditor can take steps against you. However, you have rights under federal and state law and should consult an attorney with any questions. This is especially important in the case of an old debt.
  • 3. Usually false. Hiring a lawyer typically means less time and hassle for you, possible insurance savings, and a reduction or even dismissal of the ticket.
  • 4. False. This is true only in cases involving certain types of contracts or the violation of certain laws. The general rule is that each party bears its own legal fees.
  • 5. False. State law only requires a general contractor’s license if the contractor will be performing a project exceeding $30,000. Ask your contractor for a copy of a license and proof of insurance (workers’ comp and general liability).
  • 6. False. “Wrongful termination” is often misunderstood. Being treated unfairly does not equal wrongful termination. Further, even if you were treated unfairly, a violation of company policy may justify the denial of benefits.

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