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Though some retailers may rely on the notion of “buyer beware” with the sale of some of their goods, it is important for consumers to know if they have been the victim of fraud or other deceptive sales practices there are various statutory protections available to them. No one has to tolerate the illegal actions of a business when purchasing goods and services. There are federal and state laws that protect consumers from unscrupulous and unethical acts and business practices.

At the O'Neal Law Office, clients are represented by attorney John O’Neal. He has dealt with a variety of consumer law issues and advises clients with regard to their options for seeking compensation and other relief. John’s experience with consumer law issues allows him to assess the facts of a client’s situation and the likelihood of success for a case in Greensboro and throughout North Carolina. John is a member of a nationwide group of consumer lawyers who are working to even the playing field and protect consumers in daily transactions and interactions with banks, lending institutions, insurance companies, auto dealerships, surety companies, and other business entities.

Retailers and other businesses selling goods and services have a duty to consumers to disclose possible defects or other issues with the purchase that may have a negative effect on customers. There are specific rules that apply to new and used vehicle sales and too often consumers are misled into believing they have no rights. John represents clients with many different consumer law problems. For more information on various topics within the field of consumer law click on the links below.

Auto fraud/Dealer fraud/Lemon law & Used vehicles

Yo-yo a/k/a “spot delivery”

Vehicle repair

Failure to disclose damage

Odometer fraud

Vehicle warranty issues

Construction defects

Homeowner problems

Junk texts


Unfair debt collection practices

Debt collection defense (credit cards, charge cards, store cards, bank cards)

Collection on time-barred debts (i.e. statute of limitations)

Collection on debts paid in full

Wrongful repossession

Junk e-mail

Junk faxes

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