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Civil case? Contract dispute? Auto fraud? Harassed by debt collectors? Lemon vehicle? Reach out to the O’Neal Law Office.

Warranty Issues, Breach of Warranty, Vehicle Defects, Ongoing Mechanical Problems With Vehicle

Thank you for contacting the O’Neal Law Office. For a review of your legal matter, please fax (336.510.7965) or email ([email protected]) the below-listed documents and recordings (ex: audio, video, pictures) and also complete the below intake form. Your information will be reviewed and you will be contacted. Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  • All advertisements you saw for the vehicle prior to purchase
  • Bill of Sale a/k/a Buyer’s Order a/k/a Purchase Agreement
  • Retail installment sales contract a/k/a finance contract
  • Damage Disclosure Statement
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • Buyer’s Guide window sticker
  • “We Owe” or similar documentation of any post-purchase vehicle work/modifications to be performed by seller
  • All other documents you received from seller at the time of purchase
  • Advertisements or internet listings about the specific vehicle you purchased
  • All work orders, service tickets and other documentation of work performed on vehicle
  • Estimates for repairs needed to vehicle
  • Receipts for any payments for work performed on vehicle
  • Warranty agreements and vehicle service agreement
  • Pictures, video, and other images of the vehicle
  • Completed Vehicle Problem Log