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Purchasing a vehicle can be an exciting time, but a simple misstep in the process can cause you headaches for years to come. Review the below links and click here if you seek a review of your lemon law claim (new vehicles only), used vehicle issue(s), or auto fraud scenario.

Traffic Tickets

Have you been handed a traffic ticket recently? Tickets can have serious implications on daily freedoms you take for granted. Learn more.

Home Sweet Home

Your home is a huge investment, so make sure that you obtain the proper representation when homeowner issues threaten the value and integrity of your home.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

The negligent actions of another person should not saddle you with lifelong debt and ongoing problems you face on your own. Review the following helpful links to learn more about injury cases so you can protect yourself and your family when accidents happen.

Dealing With Debt And Debt Collectors

Put a stop to unfair and irritating debt collection practices. Learn more about your options when the threatening letters and incessant calls become too much. Click here to submit your information regarding a potential case involving debt collection violations.

Wrongful Repossessions

If you fail to meet your obligations to your auto loan lender your vehicle may be subject to repossession. However, some repossessions are questionable and others illegal. And even if a lender is legally allowed to repossess a vehicle there are rules regarding the actual recovery of the vehicle and the disposition and handling of the vehicle as relates to your loan balance. If you believe you have experienced a wrongful repossession click here to submit your information for review.

Filing a Lawsuit: Do it Yourself or Hire a Lawyer?

As a consumer, you have certain rights under state and federal law. When those rights are violated, you may need to file a civil lawsuit.  With some smaller issues or matters involving monetary amounts no more than $10,000.00 you may want to file your claim(s) in small claims court in North Carolina.  Before determining if you will handle your own case, give some thought as to whether you should obtain a lawyer instead.

Reviewing Your Credit Report

Protecting your credit is one of the most important things you can do as a consumer. When you order a credit report, make sure that mistakes or misreports are not negatively affecting your credit score using the Credit Report Review Checklist.

Information for Lawyers and the Public

Are you struggling to determine whether a certain attorney is right for your case? Ask these six questions before committing to their services.

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Looking to better understand debt collection defense? This guide provides a wealth of information regarding debt collection for non-consumer lawyers. Attorney O’Neal has also created a guide to help the lay person increase their knowledge of complex consumer laws.

As an attorney, your intake process is important because it can set the tone for your entire experience with a client. Attorney O’Neal provides an in-depth look at the intake process and how it can be improved to identify worthwhile cases and help your practice.

Test your knowledge of North Carolina law with attorney O’Neal’s short legal quiz.

Vehicle cases provide benefit to you and your practice. Learn more about how to handle vehicle cases and why they hold significant value for North Carolina lawyers.

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