Unpaid Wages

workerYou work hard for your money so make sure you receive every penny to which you are entitled. Do not let a supervisor or employer persuade or intimidate you into "just letting it go." North Carolina law protects workers who have earned wages but have not been paid in a correct and timely manner. If your case goes to court, you may be able to recover the amount of your unpaid wages in addition to recovering attorneys' fees. money

If you have performed work and have been underpaid or not paid at all, be sure to document your losses. Create a list of the following:

  • Dates of all work performed;
  • Type(s) of work performed;
  • Places (address or city) at which the work was performed;
  • Number of hours worked.

After you create your list gather your prior pay stubs, W-2 forms, 1099 forms, or other pay records that can serve as evidence. If you have questions about your rights or desire legal representation in recovering your hard-earned money, contact Attorney John O'Neal of the O'Neal Law Office.

Unemployment Hearings

You have been terminated from your job and have filed for unemployment benefits. It's a tough job market out there and despite your frustrating job search you were counting on your unemployment searching for a jobbenefits to make ends meet. Now your former employer has provided several questionable reasons for your termination which has led the Employment Security Commission to deny your application for benefits. You need those benefits and you see trouble brewing as your unemployment hearing approaches. You may benefit greatly from legal representation. Contact Attorney John O'Neal for a consultation about your upcoming unemployment hearing before the Employment Security Commission.

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