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Docs, Pics, and Decisions

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Trial |

Trial preparation is one of those times when a lawyer has to review the entire file and organize the documents, theories, arguments, and other materials for presentation in court. Whether the trial is before a jury or a judge there is a need for evidence and documentation and corroboration. All this provides a few quick tips I will share with you that help determine whether I can handle your case and the relative strength of your case:

Keep your documentation: Many times I have had to decline representation because the potential client lacks documentation for us to review or assess the prospects for the case. A great memory and an amazing story without documentation is often a losing proposition.  Misplaced or destroyed documents have sunk and saved many people.  If you have paper maybe you should scan it so you have a backup if the paper becomes unusable or missing.

Take pictures when appropriate: This applies to physical injury, damage to vehicles, accident scenes, and many other things in which a picture is worth a thousand words…and sometimes hundreds of dollars (or more).

Make notes: Writing notes, keeping a diary, or otherwise documenting your recollection of events, places, other things relevant to your case could be immensely helpful. Whether you use your smartphone, the cloud, or a more traditional pen-and-paper approach you should make notes and keep them in a safe place.

Make recordings when appropriate: Some key evidence in cases involves audio or video recording. Today’s smartphones that allow video and audio recording are a huge tool. Memories fade, sometimes intentionally.

Know when to seek help: Not every issue or situation requires the assistance of a lawyer but making the call for assistance is often the best call you will make. Click here for some help in deciding if you would benefit from legal counsel.