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Month: April 2020

Docs, Pics, and Decisions

Trial preparation is one of those times when a lawyer has to review the entire file and organize the documents, theories, arguments, and other materials for presentation in court. Whether the trial is before a jury or a judge there is a need for evidence and...

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You and Your Money: A Happy Reunion

Most of us would gladly accept a few extra dollars. Different things can be done with the money but the key is getting the money.  Many of you are receiving (or have already received) the COVID-19 stimulus funds.  These are funds that were authorized to try to help...

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Wrongful Repossession?

Note I said “wrongfully” repossession. If you are delinquent on payments or allow your insurance to lapse or otherwise violate your finance agreement or other contractual obligation I may be unable to assist you. The repossession would likely be legal but you may be...

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