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Research the Vehicle’s Recall History Before You Decide to Buy

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Automobiles/Vehicles, Consumer Protection |

One common misconception is that sellers of vehicles are required to disclose whether a vehicle is subject to any recalls. This is NOT true…at least not in North Carolina. There is no specific legal requirement that any seller make disclosures related to manufacturer recalls or whether a vehicle has had recall-related repairs however…if a seller has specific knowledge of a recall this may change the duty of disclosure.

The U.S. government maintains a free database for consumers and others to use in determining if a vehicle is subject to any recalls. Every consumer shopping for a used vehicle should review this free database in addition to exercising other steps of due diligence before deciding to purchase a specific vehicle. Do not rely solely on what you are told by the seller especially if the seller fails to put the statements in writing. Be a savvy consumer and save yourself money and much headache down the road.