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Take The Wheel Before You Take The Wheel

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2020 | Automobiles/Vehicles, Consumer Protection |

We are now four months into the existence known as COVID-19. Many things have changed and we have had to learn to adapt. Nonetheless, many things must continue as people still need to work and need places to live and, in many cases, need transportation.

When it comes to transportation, the vehicle sales industry has definitely felt the pinch and is in need of a boost. One would like to think that means lower pricing, better finance terms, and a more user-friendly sales process. In some respects these things have occurred across the United States and this is a good thing but the thing that should have existed before COVID-19 and should always exist is honesty. Too often, however, honesty and fair dealing take a back seat to greed or a need for speed (zipping through transactions to get to the next one..)–neither of which are good reasons or good.

Unfortunately, I am constantly contacted by people who have been victims of dishonest vehicle dealers. I have clients and cases across North Carolina and the calls/emails keep coming. Whether it is misrepresenting the history or condition of the vehicle or violations relating to the financing or wrongfully repossessing vehicles, the bad stuff keeps on coming. To protect yourself do your homework and ask questions when needed. Do not let your guard down just for the sake of getting out of the dealership as the questions you do not ask and documents you do not get could come back to bite you.

As the summer heat moves across our country I wish you and yours the best and pray you remain safe and cool. And for those of you who are in the market for transportation be sure to click here for a checklist of things to do before you sign and drive. Please read and share and have a great and productive week.