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A Few Quick Tips for Law and Life

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Empowerment |

A few quick tips and thoughts I will share.  Some about law and some about life and some about both.

  1. Cherish your family especially the elders; they have lots of wisdom and things to share that can make you better.
  2. Do not be your own lawyer unless you are willing to take the loss when things do not work out as you planned.
  3. Ask a lawyer to see if you need a lawyer before you decide to be your own lawyer.
  4. Do not ask people to remind you to do something; if it is important enough for you to do, it is important enough for you to set your own reminder.
  5. Never just pay a traffic ticket unless you know the consequences of doing so.
  6. Self-confidence is a good thing but cockiness is not.
  7. This one is for the men: treat the women in your family like queens. The benefits of this are endless.
  8. Paying one’s debts is (usually) required but putting up with harassment, indignity, and illegal collection activity is not.

Think on these and put them into practice and definitely share with your family and friends. I appreciate your support and wish you good things in the days to come. Stay safe out there.